BioSpada Plus 75 - Protection
$11.65 excl GST

BioSpada Plus 75 - Protection

SKU: Biospada75-Spray
$11.65 excl GST

Biospada 75 Antimicrobial Protector
Pure protection; proven to be effective in most applications; ideal for heavy duty “prosumer” uses.

Our recommendation is that you use Biospada Plus 60 to disinfect and clean inanimate surfaces which will leave a residual protective layer that will provide ongoing antimicrobial efficacy. This can also be use in an electro static sprayer to spray a room if needed.
You can then use Biospada 75 to add a more durable layer of protection after the initial 3-in-1 treatment especially to those surfaces that are subject to more traffic.

500ml Bottle

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