S-Guide VBM Malleable Intubation Guide

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Patrick Schoettker from the University Hospital of Lausanne / Switzerland VBM has developed a new malleable intubating guide – the S-Guide.

Very versatile in its indications, the S-Guide can be used during conventional as well as video laryngoscopy. It works especially well with the non-channelled video laryngoscope blades.

The design of the S-Guide unifies all the essential specifications that are usually split between introducers and stylets. This makes it the ideal tool to overcome a difficult airway scenario.

Oxygenation: The apnoea can be prolonged through oxygen flow via O2 Connector. The 23 cm of flexible segment eases connection to the oxygen source without impacting placement of the S-Guide.

Directional: The malleable segment allows the S-Guide to be adjusted to any required geometry starting after the orange tip and up to 42 cm. The hockey stick shape at the distal end and the right angle at the level of the ET Tube connector can be easily achieved without compromising oxygenation.

Multifunctional tip: Preformed, soft and coloured distal tip enhances patient safety. 3 outlets for O2 administration provide oxygenflow to prevent hypoxia.

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