Introduction to Surgical Plume Evacuation

Jul 25, 2016 Product Reviews

Electrosurgical units also known as ESU’s & Diathermy Machines have been in use for almost a century, nearly every surgical procedure utilizes an Electro Surgical Generator.

It allows the end user to cut, coagulate, vaporise & ablate, all generating some level of noxious surgical plume.

Surgical Plume is the vaporization of tissue, fluid & blood into a gaseous form.

The content of surgical smoke plume could be toxic compounds, dead or live cellular material, viruses, carbonized tissue and bacteria.

Yes Surgical Plume is 95% water, but it’s the water vapor that acts as the carrier, it transfers DNA and other poisonous matter from the patient to the Surgical Team .

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Benzene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Hydrogen Cyanide                        

The above Chemicals represent 4 of the 6 Most Prominent Chemicals found in Cigarettes.

BUT they are ALL Present in Surgical Plume.

In addition there is also Viral Matter: HPV, Hepatitis B / C and HIV and many more can be carried via Surgical Plume.

Studies show that 77% of all particles were under 1.1 microns, Virus 0.002 to 0.04Microns and terrifyingly enough Surgical Masks can effectively filtrate 5 micron and above with a 7 minute lifespan so do little to nothing to filter the toxic air we breathe during surgical procedures with lasers or ESU’s.

The only way to effectively remove Surgical Plume is by using Smoke Evacuator Pencils or Laparoscopic tubing simultaneously with the Electro Surgical Unit. 

Historically Smoke evacuator machines have been noisy & the electro surgical pencils cumbersome which drastically  reduce the  field of vision for the Surgeon.

All this has now changed with this incredibly quiet VisiClear smoke evacuator and pencils that are very  similar in size to standard ESU pencils. 


Jackson Allison & Buffalo Filter have partnered with many customers Nationwide to achieve safer theatre environments.

We have successfully placed smoke evacuators into many public & private hospitals nationwide creating “Smoke Free” workplaces.

Our focus is to minimize the amount of toxins in our working environments and create safer workplaces for everyone involved. 

Don’t let this be your Smoke Evacuation System:


“As a wholesale medical distributor Capes use multiple importers and agencies. Jackson Allison have consistently delivered on their promises. With their team always going the extra mile to differentiate them from the rest.”
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